Friday, February 3, 2012

valentines center piece

Here is a quick decoration to use as a center piece on the table.  All you need is a nice vase, dowl, scallop punch, circle, love stamp and ribbon.  Oh and some beads which are just a pearl necklace of mine that broke.

Here is how I put this together.  I actually had the "love" part done from something I put together last Valentines day.  So take your scallop and add your circle stamped with love.  Using high tech scotch tape attach it to the dowl (which you can buy a whole bag at the dollar store), place dowl into pretty vase that has some beads (also purchased at dollar store) in the bottom and add some ribbon.  Ta-da all done and its a beautiful center piece.   Oh and can you see my pretty heart garland hanging up in the back!!

For more Love day crafts and goodies follow my Love month board on pinterest.

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Melanie Petitpas said...

Hey Katie! :) I love to read your blog!! Thanks for the ambition to realease the "crafty" in me!

Lara Mel said...

Very nice!

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