Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentines scrapbook layout

Here is a very simple way to decorate for the holidays.  I really love using my hobby of scrap booking to use as decorations around the house and you can read all about that here.   So here is one layout I am putting up for LOVE month.  These pictures were taken of the kids last winter during a snow day.  They were having "scuddle" time.  Scuddle is a word we invented around the our house.  Its a a whole lot of squeezing and cuddling at the same time.

So get out some heart paper and black a white photos and great creative.  Its such a cheap way to add a little love to the house durning this month. And don't forget to follow my LOVE board for more creative valentines ideas!

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1 comment:

Micah and Katie said...

The house looks great bbe : ) Hubby

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