Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Entry Way for a Big Family

Welcome to our new entry way!   We just built an addition onto our house and we couldn't be MORE in love with this open closet my husband and father-in-law designed and built.  

It may look like a lot of hooks all empty but we are a family of 8, so we have our fair share of jackets, sweaters, book bags, diaper bag, purses, and snow pants (in the winter).  We also love to host so most of the time we don't see to many unused hooks. 

The bench part is wide enough to sit on to get our shoes on, the double layer for the shoes works awesome for putting sneakers and flats and leaving the bottom for our boots.  We purchased three of these IKEA boot trays to try to keep the dirt and snow off the floor as much as possible.   The cubbies along the end are personalized for each of us.  So in the winter everybody was to keep 1 hat and 1 pair of mittens in there.  Now in the summer they have a summer hat and sunglasses.  Giving everyone a cubby saved so much time (and fighting) this winter that we didn't have to go digging in a giant mess of hats and mittens to find a pair for someone.   Across the top we keep ball caps for my hubby and oldest son. 

This new entry way has been a life saver for us and I am so thankful my husband bought what seemed like a million hooks ;) 

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